As an artist and entomologist by trade, the work that I do is a perfect blend of two passions. I celebrate the beauty of the insect by enhancing its naturally-endowed attributes, by putting a focus on the myriad textures, shapes, and sensuous curves that they possess. At the same time, I have a keen scientific awareness of each species - their function, their role in the ecosystem, their geographical distribution. The combination of these two aspects make the piece more significant in my eyes and the insect more... represented. My work is not about objectifying insects, but rather about celebrating their glorious forms.

The colors, shapes and patterns of insects have evolved to the ultimate level possible to perpetuate life. They are honed by selective pressure to absolute perfection. Nothing is more exquisite, more ornate, or more aesthetically sound than the designs of nature; I only try to enhance the beauty that already exists.

- Paige Howorth